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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hudson - 4 Months

Handsome Hudson,

Happy 4 months buddy!  The time is flying and I cannot stop it.  You get happier and happier by the day.  Your smile is SO BIG and lights up the room.  Every stranger you meet comments on how wonderful your huge smile is!  You love to laugh and you are a momma's boy!  I know that one day, you will look up to your sister, you will be your dad's shadow, and you will have tons of cousins and friends that you will adore...but for now, I am your favorite person in the world and it makes me feel soooo good.  

  • You are rolling over and will no longer stay on your back to sleep.  
  • You love to "stand".  Your legs are incredibly strong and you love to bounce up and down while holding my hands.
  • You have also started to "walk" in your walker.  You have no idea what you are doing and surprise yourself when you move.  It's pretty funny.  
  • You enjoy the Jumperoo and your sister enjoys pushing you (way too hard) in it...regardless of how many times I tell her not to!

Weight: 14lbs, 9oz (35th percentile)
Height: 26.25in (90th percentile)
Head: 42.5cm (90th percentile)

You are Long & Lean my son!  There are many bets that you will be our little basketball star or an amazing baseball pitcher.  As long as you love Jesus and are kind, this momma will be happy!

An impromptu visit to the doctor at the beginning of August showed you weighing 14lbs, 1oz.

Here is the pic from your 4 month checkup...the picture says 14lbs, 6oz because you kept moving and kicking your feet so it kept changing while I tried to take a picture; however, the final weight was indeed 14lbs, 9oz.

We are still breastfeeding and you continue to be a good eater, however, recently it seemed like you were being left hungry at night.  I tried multiple options to get my milk supply up at night.  It is fine throughout the day, but the evenings are left a little dry.  As of right now, I give you a full feeding from me at 7pm and another full feeding from me at 8:30pm...then, I give you a bottle of formula and as of lately, you drink about 3 ounces of that.  So we'll stick with that for now.  As I've learned with babies, it's best to just go with the flow, and as soon as something works it will inevitably change.

At the beginning of the month, your cousins from London came to stay the entire month of August with us and we had you off schedule and sleeping all over the place.  In turn, you were waking up 4-5 times each night which was not healthy for you or me!  You were tired and I was a zombie trying to take care of you and your sister and host your cousins' family.  We got you back on your schedule but you continued to wake up throughout the night because it had become habitual.  I have always said I would not do the cry-it-out method but at this point, something had to give.  We researched the Ferber method and decided to give it a shot for 3 days and if there was not a significant progression, we would give up on it.  Basically, when you woke up before 4:00am, we would let you cry for about 7-10 minutes.  Then, your dad would go stand next to your crib and pat you for 2 minutes....over & over & over.  No talking, no picking you up, etc.  The first night was h.a.r.d!  I promise it was harder on me than it was on you.  But the second night, a miraculous thing happened.  You slept for 9 hours in a row.  You had done this before but it had been several weeks.  We were shocked that the 1 night of the Ferber method could actually make a difference...we were sure it was just a fluke.  Then, the next night, you did it again.  And now, you consistently sleep from 8:30pm - 4:30am.   You wake for a 4:30am feeding and go right back to sleep until I wake you up at 7:00 to start the day.

You take 3 naps per day.  You take a 45 minute nap early in the morning, a long 2-3 hour mid-day nap,  and then a 45 minute evening nap.

Up until recently, you have loved your pacifier.  You still do love it, but you have discovered your thumb and it is a lot easier for you to keep up with and put into your mouth :)  You are drooling constantly and I know exactly what that means...teeth!  You love to put your finger hand in your mouth --> who needs teething toys when you have a whole hand?

Also, guess what happened on the exact day of your 4 month birthday?  You cut your very first tooth!  It was a looong, hard night, but we made it through together and I love feeling your little tooth (umm...except when feeding - ouch).

You are starting to loose all of your baby hair and the new hair that is coming in is blonde.  The first picture below is from last month and shows your dark hair (and lots of it!).  The second picture is from a few days ago and highlights your lack of hair and shows the new hair coming in blonde.  All of your cradle cap is 100% gone.  Regardless of which hairstyle you rock, you are incredibly handsome and you make me melt with your deep blue eyes.

3 month hair

4 month hair - is this even the same baby?!

You continued to fight your little cold for most of this month & you are finally over it now...thank goodness!  The first cold is behind us and wasn't too bad at all.  No fevers, no fussiness, just a very runny nose.  You continue to have a problem with dairy.  I can tell when I accidentally have something I shouldn't have because you produce thick, white spit up.  At least the lack of dairy has helped me fit into my pre-preggo clothes a little faster (but I must say that I miss cheese tremendously!!).

Your big sister is very fond of you.  She loves to hug and kiss on you.  She loves to hug you HARD.  We encourage the loving interactions while standing close by ready to pull her off if she accidentally starts to smother you.  She pats you on the belly and says "Hi Buddy, Hi Buddy".  She has started to share toys with you more and more and likes to lay next to you and talk with you.  However, I have also caught her telling you "no, no" several will be very interesting to see how your relationship grows - I can't wait.

Your sister loves to "help you" with your paci
And today she gave helped give you your first water bottle

You have received so much love from your cousins this month.

We got to play with Rachel, Brooke & Jon:

Brooke loves you so much it hurts (ha)

Also, Grace, Evan & Will came from London to stay with us:
Sweet kisses from Will
Evan LOVES to hold you and make you laugh

Grace wanted to spend more time with you than with ANYONE else on her visit to the states!  She adores you.

You absolutely love to "stand up" on my tummy.
You love when I lay on my back and "fly" you over my head - this is one of your favorite things!
You love the other baby in the mirror...that is the silliest baby cracking up back at you.
You love to be love to nap on the patio table while your sister and I play.
You love to be held facing forward and loved to be bounced.
You love pat-a-cake.
You are ticklish!  It cracks you up.

You hate to be held like a baby, unless it's momma holding you like that.  Otherwise, you like to face forward & see what's going on all around you.
You hate being left on your tummy for TOO long. are my heart and I am beyond in love.  I will always cherish your wide-mouthed gummy (with the exception of 1 lil tooth) smile.  I will pack away the sound of your baby coos & giggles deep in my heart so I can always hear them.

Love, love, love!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Old"ish" Photos

We took some photos the first week of July and I just realized I never posted them.  This was a totally random, on a whim, stop at the mall experience and I thought they turned out pretty cute!  Hudson was 3 months and Harper was 20 months.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lunch with the Hubs

We brought lunch to Matt at his office this week and Harper had the best time running "fast" around & around the large conference room table.  I may need to bring her up there more often for exercise ;)

***Beware, the following pictures contain an overload of open-mouthed smiles!!!***

"Would you like a chicken nugget?"

Plop him on the floor & he's still a happy camper - TEAM DADDY

Laughing out loud in her mouth.  ##keepingitclassy

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hudson - 3 Months

Hudson (Huds, Huddie, Hud-man, Buddy),

Seriously...3 months already and it's flying by!  I honestly cried a few days ago when I realized you had just outgrown ALL of your 3 month jammies.  I know how fast this goes and I feel helpless to stop it.  Instead, I am trying to embrace all of the wonderful and amazing new things you are doing but let's try to slow it down, mmmmkay?

First of all, you have made it incredibly clear that you.are.a.momma's.boy.  You love you some momma and that rocks my world :)  It takes nothing more than me smiling at you to, in turn, bring a huge smile to your face and my heart just melts when you flash that animated grin!

You continue to have the most edible cheeks on the planet (is that weird for me to say?).  I know I said it last month, but I cannot stop kissing your sweet face...I'm obsessed with your cheeks and they are the greatest ever.

One of the most important things I should note about this month is how much you LAUGH.OUT.LOUD.  Your Nana spent last weekend with us and said she has never seen a baby your age laugh out loud as much as you do.  You really do laugh all day long - it's pretty awesome.

Laughing out loud

When you get upset, you stick your bottom lip out so big that it is irresistibly cute.  You make the biggest "pouty lip" in the whole wide world.

You are so full of emotion and express it visually.  I took the following pictures in a short period of 60 seconds.  You went from happy, to sad, to inquisitive, to happy, to sad again.  Seriously - all of these faces in less than a minute --> you are my sweet, expressive baby boy!  (note the pouty lip appearances - haha).  

  • This month, you have really been exploring your voice and Huddie, you have the highest pitched voice when you are doing tummy time...whoa buddy!  You babble and coo and talk with a great range of inflection in your voice.  
  • You have also started to discover the glorious things your hands and feet can do.  You like to bat at your toys and kick, kick, kick anything in front of you.  You can now grab and hold onto your toys.  
  • You lift your head and support yourself on your hands.  Your tummy time was interesting for a while.  At first, you wouldn't lift your head AT ALL but rather, you would just kick yourself across the rug and you would make some pretty good distance my son.  You really strengthened your legs during tummy time.  Then, Harper started to do tummy time with you and you loved that.  
  • Your legs are incredibly strong.  You love to hold my fingers and stand on your feet...among so many other things, it makes you smile, mouth-wide-open, with pride.   
  • You can roll from your tummy to your back and you love to try to roll from your back to your tummy.  You hold my finger and pull yourself to your side and are so close... you giggle the entire time.  It'll be interesting to see if you roll over soon or if you take as long as your sister did. 
**Notice how tall you are in this picture compared to your sister.  You are 3 months and she is 21 months!!**
Tummy-Time with Harper

No doctor check-up this month, but I did weigh you on our home scale and you are 14 pounds, 10 ounces.

You eat well and continue to grow strong and healthy.  We are still not doing dairy in my diet because it causes you to spit up.  We missed a few doses of your reflex medication and you made it clear that you still need to be on it.  You have no problems letting me know when you are hungry and, if needed, you take a bottle just fine.  I even supplemented a formula bottle a few weeks ago just to see if you'd take it in a pinch and no problemo, you did.

We had a great thing going...for a while.  You were sleeping 8hrs per night, from 8:00pm - 4:00am, but then we decided to transition you to your crib last week.  After we did that, you began waking again at 1:00am.  You are not hungry but rather just need a couple of minutes of soothing back to sleep so hopefully we can drop the 1:00am wake again SOON!  In the meantime, your daddy & I are sleeping in one of the guest rooms upstairs right next to you & your sister.   YOU.ARE.A.SIDE.SLEEPER.  I lay you on your back and you sleep on your side.  Several times you roll your head right into the bumpers so I removed your bumpers and last night, you got your little foot stuck in the crib slats so I guess I'll get you the same breathable bumpers like I did your sister.  After your 4:00am feed, you go right back to sleep until 7:30am and then have 4 naps per day.  Your schedule looks like the below, but we are extremely flexible with your schedule depending on if we have a play date or class for your sister - thankfully, you are such an easy, "go with the flow" kinda baby (thank you!):

7:30am - Wake
9:00am - Nap
10:00am - Eat
12:00am - Nap
1:00pm - Eat
1:30 pm - Nap (longest nap of the nap until 4:00)
4:00pm - Eat
6:00pm - Nap
7:00pm - Eat
8:00pm - Bedtime
1:00am - (just the past week) Wake & Sooth: Ugh...let's drop this again!
4:00am - Eat & right back to sleep

You love your pacifier BUT you have discovered your hands & fingers.  You love are searching for your thumb and as I watch you on your monitor each night, you soothe yourself back to sleep wonderfully by sucking on your fingers.

You continue to look like your handsome daddy and like Harper at this age.  You especially resemble your PawPaw (my dad).  You have PawPaw's gorgeous dark blue eyes (the verdict is still out on if these blue eyes will "stick"), you have his reddish-brown hair, and you have his height (95th percentile in height).  You are growing out of your clothes at warp speed because they don't fit you length wise.

Unfortunately, you got your first cold this month from your big sister.  You are still so congested but you continue to smile through it all.  You still have cradle cap on the top of your head but nobody can tell because your beautiful hair hides it all.  You also have cradle cap behind your ears but your pediatrician told me to just keep putting cream on it, so we do.  It doesn't bother you at all.

Your sister was also nice enough to give you your first black eye this month.  She didn't do it intentionally.  She got frustrated, threw a hard, plastic toy to the ground, and you just happen to be in the toy's path...sigh.  You cried soooo hard & it broke my heart.

Your lil' black eye

You continue to be infatuated with Harper.  Your world could be falling apart but if she steps into your view, it's like the sky has started raining milkshakes.  She really is wonderful with you.  Each morning, she runs to you to pat your belly and say "Hi Buddy, Hi Buddy!" over and over.  When you cry, she brings you a pacifier.  She really does understand that she needs to be gentle with you.  She also includes you in "taking turns" with toys.  Yesterday, during a play date, she was having to take turns with a toy and insisted on giving you a turn also...precious.

Driving in the car with you was horrible until now.  You used to scream and were so miserable that it would often make me cry.  Everyone told me to give it three months and more than likely, it would change.  You know what --> they were right!  You don't mind the car at all anymore.  Something magical happened about 2 weeks ago.  I'm not quite sure what changed, but I am so thankful!

You absolutely love to "stand up" on my tummy.
You love when I lay on my back and "fly" you over my head - this is one of your favorite things!
You love the other baby in the mirror...that is the silliest baby cracking up back at you.
You love to be outside...I cannot recall 1 time EVER that you have cried while being outside.  You love to nap on the patio table while your sister and I play.
You love watching balloons - we still have them hanging beneath every ceiling fan in our home.
You love to be held and you love to cuddle.

You hate to be held like a baby, unless it's momma holding you like that.  Otherwise, you like to face forward & see what's going on all around you.
You hate being left on your tummy for TOO long.

I spend countless hours each day studying all of your tiny features.  While I am excited for all of the new stages ahead of us, I want to forever remember you as a newborn with all of your wide-mouthed kisses.  You are such a joy, a light in our lives, and a true blessing from our Lord.  Happy 3 month birthday sweet boy.

Lots and lots of love Hud-man!
Momma and Daddy

BIG Smiles

Way too excited to be stuck at Discount Tire
Patio AND Swing sleeping...the BEST!
Playing with your sweet baby cousin Jon - he's only 3 months older than you!