Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Presh Necks

I feel in love with these custom, hand-stamped necklaces from  I went a little overboard with the 'Add to Cart' button, but I totally love how EVERY ONE turned out!

 Baby Shower gift for my dear friend Jessica.  She's having a little boy named Reid & I cannot wait to meet him!

Birthday present for my lovely sis.  'J&M' are hers & her husband's initials (Jon & Melissa) and 'Rachel & Brooke' are my precious little princess nieces.

Graduation present for my life-long friend Amy.  She has managed being a single mom, working full-time, and just graduated with her bachelors degree all while being a wonderful mother to her daughter Laynie - I'm so incredibly proud of her strength and devotion to her daughter.

Christmas present for my best friend Amber.  She met John last year on New Year's Eve and quickly fell head over heels for him so I thought the 'Est. 1-1-10' charm was perfectly fitting for this!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keep Austin Weird

This weekend, Matt & I went to Austin to celebrate my beautiful baby sister’s 28th birthday – dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse (who’s filets happen to be God’s little taste of heaven he has revealed to us here on earth – totally melt in your mouth like butter) followed by some bar hoping.
 Melissa and her friends took a limo down from Waco and met Matt & I in Austin
I lived in Austin for 3 years and this weekend reminded me of all the wonderful things I miss there.  I couldn’t just pick my top 3 things I miss most about Austin, so I went with 4:

1.    Ladybird Lake – A running trail smack in the middle of downtown filled with TONS of runners inspiring health and’s a large contributor to why Austin is one of the fittest cities in the US of A.  It wasn’t until I was already in the city did I think about bringing my running shoes – boo!  We did seriously consider going to RunTex to get a pair of shoes for just one run, but then wisely decided to save the money ;)

2.    Shopping & unique style – Downtown Austin is FILLED with tons of little houses that are restaurants, business, etc.  We happened upon Cypress Vanguard Fashion House…a cute little 2-story house where a bunch of different designers connected to one another and set up their own ‘shops’ in different rooms all throughout the house.  Matt ended up getting me a precious scarf and totally-Austin belt & buckle.  Love, luv LOVE them!  I  miss all the unique shopping Austin has to offer – everything different and custom.
3.    Local Food – Amy’s Ice Cream, Malaga’s, ZTejas, Austin Java, Gumbo’s, Lamberts, Manuels, La Traviata, La Condesa, Mozarts, WINK, Polvo’s, Hey Cupcake and Franklin’s BBQ are all among my favs.  However, this trip, we tried a new restaurant on our way out of town…Zocola Cafa = Yum-O!  The d├ęcor is eco-modern and the food is made from all organic ingredients.  We had the pulled pork tacos with warm tomatillo sauce…mmm…delish.  Will def be going back fo sho!
4.    Tim, Jen, Grace & Evan (with their latest edition…WillPav) – We got to enjoy lunch with the fam and then chill time in their extremely warm and beautiful home.  They are the most welcoming of family and we always have fun there.  Matt & I chilled with Jen in their kick-butt media room and were introduced to Walking Dead – Zombie TV Series of which they have the entire season recorded. After watching the season opener this weekend, I know how I’ll be spending my Xmas night while the boys are all watching the Cowboys game =)  Bring it!
 Me & Sweet GracePav...she cracks me up!

 Don't let this picture full you - she is part diva AND part tomboy!