Sunday, February 13, 2011

Texas Wine Country

What a great trip!  Matt & I went to the Texas Wine Country this weekend and I always forget how beautiful and relaxing it is there.  We stayed at the Horseshoe Bay Resort and got upgraded to the BEST room there on the top floor, in the corner, with a patio overlooking stunning views of the hill country!  We enjoyed fine dining at the Yacht Club: cheese & fig appetizer, oysters (grilled, Rockefeller, and raw on the half shell), cream of asparagus soup with roasted peppers and pine nuts (to die for!), beef tenderloin in a cabernet sauce with fried mashed potatoes and a white chocolate peach soufflé (OMG!).  All of this was paired with 4 spectacular wines from Fall Creek Winery.   Uh-Maz-Ing! 

We ventured out to some wineries that we had not been to on previous trips to the area including Flat Creek Estate & Perissos Vineyard.  Flat Creek was really pretty – they do lunches and dinners there and the building is gorgeous.  There were a ton of people there and they featured a very large selection of great wine (of which their sparkling Raspberry and sparkling Almond were my personal favs).  While it was a very impressive winery, Matt & I both prefer the smaller, more personal wineries where wine is the simple focus and does all the impressing itself.  Thus, Perissos Vineyard was right up our alley!  The owners are precious and we spent a few hours enjoying wine, touring the barrel room, walking through the vines, petting their sweet dogs (which could be mistaken for BEARS based on their size) and horses.   

One of the most impressive and completely unpredictable finds was the Hoover’s Valley Country Store & Café.  It’s right across the street from Perissos Vineyard.   We were hungry after all that wine and they suggested we head across the street for, of all things, a burger!  We got a couple of cheeseburgers and SEASONED fries to go and took them up the road to a lookout to eat picnic style.  These turned out to be the #1 tasting burgers of all time for both me & Matt – seriously…mouth-watering delicious!  Their burgers are made with fresh, never frozen patties and are served on SWEET sourdough buns…we both embarrassingly ate the ENTIRE gigantic burgers and the seasoned fries were phenomenal.  Driving by, I would never have suggested we stop there…but SO GLAD we did! 

The Texas Hill Country is such an easy, relaxing getaway…as with every time we head back from there with a box full of great wines, we kept telling ourselves we MUST not wait so long to head back out there again! 

Balcony from our hotel room

Perissos Vineyard - GREAT wine!

Lookout where we had our picnic

#1 Bestest burger and fries...EVER!  No competition! 

Hoover’s Valley Country Store & Café

Matt playing with the camera at Flat Creek Estate

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