Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My friend Felizia sent me the below picture yesterday...and oh my gosh, it's SO TRUE!  Tonight, as I type this blog, our 4 week old baby girl has been asleep for 5 hours and it has been 6 hours since her last feeding - WHOA!  I have checked to make sure she is breathing no less than 3 times in the past hour.  I am wide-eyed and a little anxious just waiting for her to wake up and eat.  I mean, she has to be SO hungry by now, right? 

Mommy waiting for her baby to wake up at 1:45am ;-) 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This little face...

Lights up my world!

Football Hold

At Thanksgiving dinner, my sister-in-law introduced me to this magical little baby hold.  I know the 'football hold' as a breastfeeding hold (one I actually preferred early on); however, this is different.  I absolutely love the Ergo Baby Carrier for carrying her around the house while I'm getting things done, but this hold is great to be used in a pinch...she's completely secure, content and it frees up my other hand!  Not to mention that our baby Bunny LOVES being held like this (who would've thought!).


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Newborn Pics: Preview

Last Monday, we took Harper to get her newborn pictures taken and wow - what an experience!  I have a ton of respect for our photographer, Laura Kent.  Not only for her mad photography skillz, but for her patience, knowledge and tenderness with infants (and their first-time parents!). 

Her studio is in located within a room in her beautiful home and it provided the perfect setup for great picture taking.  She had a heater turned on high to provide warmth for little Harper to mimic the temperature of the womb.  Harper was asleep when we arrived so the initial poses were SO easy to take.  Her little arms and legs just morphed into whatever position Laura arranged them...AND THEN, Harper woke up!  It was so hard to get her to relax after that, much less go back to sleep.  All this little girl has done since we arrived home was sleep so what was the problem here?  I tried feeding her, walking her, rocking here and none of my tricks were working.  We eventually made it through the rest of the shoot and Laura still got some amazing shots while Harper took short 'rests' in between poses.  I can't wait for all of the final pictures to come back; I'll post them all as soon as I get them, but here is a preview:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Birth Story

So, it was Monday...Halloween.  It was my first day off from work and officially on Maternity Leave.  I still had 1 week until my due date (11/8).  I had lunch with a couple of girlfriends and right after lunch, I started feeling random bursts of pressure which I had mistaken as just 'having to pee really, really bad'.  It wasn't until that night when Matt & I were passing out candy to adorable trick or treaters that I realized, okay, these are contractions.  We started timing them and discovered they were pretty consistently 10 minutes apart; however, they were not 'killer' as the doctor described they would be.  I had already called the on call doc a few weeks before with Braxton Hicks and she said that I would know they are real when it feels like I'm dying and can't talk during them.  So at this point, Matt & I were fairly sure I was just having more Braxton Hicks contractions.  Then, like a light switch, I had a horrific pain and then 4 minutes later, another horrific pain; we measured one additional contraction 4 minutes apart just for our sanity.  There was no mistaking what was going on; I told Matt to get the car ready while I call the doctor...we were definitely going to the hospital!    

In the telling of Harper's birth story, Matt likes to point out that we HAD to stop for gas because I (ME, KATHY) took the car out all day and left it without enough gas to even get to the hospital ;-)~  So, yes, I had at least one contraction in the parking lot of the Quick Trip (ha).  When we pulled into the hospital parking lot, I was as calm as a cucumber in between the contractions.  I felt completely normal for those 3 minutes in between.  So much so, that when we got out of the car and Matt started to get out the hospital bags, he took one look at me, then pronounced 'you are not in labor...I'm going to leave the bags for now'.  Ha...right before we walked through the doors, another contraction set in and after seeing his wife doubled over & moaning like a walrus, he quickly changed his tune...'okay, you are definitely in labor'. 

10:55pm - We checked into Labor & Delivery.  

11:00pm - I had my first exam (yep - they are QUICK there!) and found I was dilated to 4cm.  I had already been 90% effaced and at a station 0 for weeks so my body was READY to get to work.  

11:25pm - I got my IV

11:47pm - I got my epidural (less than an hour after checking in).  I had really contemplated delivering epidural.  Now, I can honestly say, that's CRAZY thinking!  The epidural took all of the pain away.  I was able to get the absolute best sleep I had had in weeks that night (all the while, contracting!).  Little did I know just how invaluable the sleep would be over the next few days.  I can't imagine how tough contractions are after dilating beyond a 4, much less, after having water broken.  Holy moly!  

12:45am - I had my second exam and found I was still 4cm, but now 100% effaced.  This baby was going to be born on 11/1/11!  

6:15am - Dilated to 8cm and still feeling no pain

6:55am - Water broke on it's own.  After my water broke, I could feel the pressure from the contractions and that was a little rough, but nothing close to the contractions I had felt the night before. 

9:15am - Started pushing.  About half way through pushing, I looked at Matt and said 'this isn't that bad' - he shhh'ed me so I wouldn't jinx myself but it really wasn't as bad as I had expected, at all. I've since been told that this is NOT normal - I just had a really, really good delivery.

10:25am on 11/1/11 - The love of our lives was welcomed joyfully into the world.  Matt was holding our DAUGHTER - I couldn't get over the fact that we had a daughter.  I was a mom.  This beautiful girl had just come out of my stomach.  It all seemed like a dream; I did actually pinch myself just in case it was a dream (not kidding!).  We were actually a family and God had just answered all of those prayers Matt & I had spoken.  I still sit humbled by God's greatness.  

**The only complication from the delivery was the day following giving birth, I had the most horrific headache and we quickly learned there was a leak in my spinal fluid from the epidural.  In turn, I had a small procedure where they took blood from my arm and inserted it into my spine (via another epidural); the blood found the leak and then clotted there providing 100% relief within 1 hour of the procedure.  It obviously sucked to have to get another epidural inserted but having Harper nearby made everything absolutely bearable!   


Friday, November 11, 2011

Harper is 10 days old!

Harper has wonderfully adjusted to her new home.  Our house has definitely been overrun with baby gear --> baby bouncers, swings, tummy time mats & blankets have all taken over our chic space...and it R-O-C-K-S!  Here are some more pics from the past few days.

0 Months =)

Sweet Angel

Tiny Hands

After a feeding...we call this 'milk drunk!'

Tummy time

Cuddling with Daddy!

More tummy time

Sweet kitty

Ready for her first walk around the neighborhood

First Bath

First time in her bouncy seat - she LOVES it!

My mom - Harper's 'Cici'

Matt's brother - 'Uncle Tim'

Harper's adorable cousin - Rachel

My sister's family...minus lil' Brooke who had to stay home due to illness :(  Uncle Jon, Aunt Melissa & Cousin Rachel

My sis got her this onesie before we knew Harper would be a girl...Melissa knew though!
The puppers have been completely sweet and respectful of Harper & her space.  We have been so impressed by their demeanor around her.  They know she is delicate and they just kind of sniff around her and have been incredibly good.  They pretty much have stayed cuddled up and kept each other great company since we got home.  So proud of them! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Can I getta What!!!

Matt took this video while we were in the pediatrician's office on Friday.  Our baby is straight up cool, yo!

Can I getta What!!! from Kathy Pavlovich on Vimeo.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Harper is here!

Harper is here and our hearts are completely melted!  Her daddy & I have barely been able to respond to all of the outpouring messages of love we have received because we CANNOT stop staring at this beautiful angel we made!!  Seriously...we can't take our eyes off of her and each other - this is the most magical experience of my entire life & I am soaking up every single minute!  I will post more about her & the birth when things settle down a bit, but for now, here are some nuggets to hold you over.  Side note - those contractions from my last blog post were 10 min apart when I was writing the blog...they jumped to 4 min apart immediately after I hit 'post' --> they were not the 'fake contractions' after all ;-)

Birthday: 11/1/11 (such a cool date!)
Size: 7lbs 10oz, 19in
Hair: Yes!  Beautiful brown
Looks Like: Almost everyone has said that she looks just like Matt & that rocks my world!  His mom brought some baby pictures & I think she looks just like him as a baby...I'll try to get them scanned to share. 

The proud grandmothers

My mom...Harper's 'Cici'

Matt's mom - Harper's 'Nana'

My dad - Harper's 'PaPa'

Matt's sis Laura - Harper's 'Aunt Lola'

Our sis-in-law Jennifer & our niece Grace

Ready for the car ride home