Monday, June 18, 2012

Cabo Photos Cont'd

Two weeks ago, I hosted a "Cabo Photo Swap" for all of the gals that were at Amber's wedding in Cabo to nosh on some snacks, sip some wine and exchange photos captured.  We mostly just drank wine and talked about all of the fun, hilarious, ridiculous and down-right amazing memories made on the trip, but I was still able to get some great new pics in the process.  Amber's wedding was beautiful but what's even more beautiful is what a great couple that her and John are.  They were made for each other and I am SO happy for my friend! 

The whole gang!

The girly wedding party (April, Kellie, Amber, Me, Harper & sweet Avery

There was absolutely no waking her up to walk down the isle!

Me, Amber & Kellie

Avery, Harper and Amanda (who was also college roommates w/me, Amber & Kellie - love her!)

Amber gave me this at my wedding as my "something blue" and I gave it back to her to use as her "something borrowed"

Lovely corona anklet required at the bar - that's how we roll in Cabo

Her button reads "I'm here for the cake" - ha

Kellie, Amber's mom Donna, Amber & Me


Me Amor
Trying to get a photo of Harper on the beach...
...that obviously worked out really well
Kellie, Harper & Me

Harper took naps on my lap
...and on Kellie's chest

...and in Donna's arms

...and in her stroller.  That girl can sleep anywhere!

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